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All Is Vanity

Passions reverberate off of my inner self as I introspect in rest

I see movies of unknown worlds, pieced together from the known world, and I realize the infinite possibilities after I leave this body.

I have already seen much. I have much more to see. The best I hope for is to see things of Love and happiness.

The most I long for now is happiness in the actions and reactions of this bouncy trampoline of energy inside me.

The trees teach me more about Life and Truth than 14 years of school. Everything else is vanity.

For all my Life since I crossed the boundary from innocence to Grace, I have fought with the unyielding force of inner passion. I feel now more than ever that I am close to harnessing this force into positive energy.

The influence I have on Life is equally leaning on the influence Life has on I. The moment I become One with the Universe is when these 2 solid walls of Life and Me liquify and We become intertwined in permanance.

Like a drop of red food coloring turns the whole pot of water a light pink, so will it be with me becoming one into this Earth.

I fear it, for look at how We treat our Earth, ignoring the fact that the Earth is Us. We are the Earth, and time moves forward. All We do is vanity.

And what can I, one man under the sun, do to make this right? One word comes to mind and relieves my every inner turmoil… Be.

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